Times Table Challenge

In Year Three we have been working hard to learn our times tables.  We have been chanting them, singing them and answering random quick fire questions.  Today some of us used a game called ‘Hit the Button’ to practice our skills and test our speed, and managed to use our first QR code to quickly access the website.  Our top score was 28/28.  Can you have a go at home and beat the score? Try your 2,5,10, 4 and 8 times tables.


Chocolate Rocks!

In Science, Year Three have been learning about the three different types of rock, metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. To help us understand how these are formed we made examples of them using sweets, chocolate and biscuits. Have a look at our photos and ask your child if they can remember how each rock type is formed. 


Year Three have settled well into their new school routines and are enjoying the exciting topic of Dinosaurs.  We have been researching different types of herbivores and carnivores and have been finding out about rocks and fossils. In maths we have been focussing on place value and times tables. It would really help if you helped us to learn our 2,5,10,4 and 8 times tables at home.  We have been learning to chant out tables in order and to recall random facts by ourselves.  

Grendon 2017

Some of the children went to Grendon last week and had a great time avoiding falling in the swamp, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, climb ropes and toast marshmallows.

We went orienteering, partook in a mini-Olympics, told stories around a fire-pit and made our own fires!


The 401 Challenge!

After our inspiring assembly with Ben Smith, who ran 401 marathons in 401 days, every class have been challenged to complete 401 of something by the end of the term.

Class 7 have chosen to complete 401 miles, walking or running. So far we have managed 54 miles in total and the class have been fantastic at motivating each other to help us succeed.

Class 8 have decided to complete 401 star jumps or hops each by the end of the term.  They have also set themselves an extra challenge to read 401 pages.  This can be anything that they have read at home or at school.

Class 18 have already been very busy and have completed 401 bounces of a basket ball.

We will keep you posted on how our challenges are going and when we reach our goal of 401!

The Tempest

This term we are learning all about The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  We have been taking part in lots of drama activities; thinking about the wild storm and the two main characters.  Here are some of the wonderful descriptive sentences that we have written:

Like a raging bull, the waves battered the sides of the ship.

The great and mighty Sir Prospero has a wooden, crafted staff that creates magical storms.

Beautiful Miranda has, what was once a glamorous dress, but after 12 years is ripped and dirty.




New Term New LL Grid

We are excited about seeing Year 3’s wonderful learning log work. There is a new grid ready for children to tackle at home! It is full of exciting tasks that complement our learning in school.

If a child doesn’t have the grid in their LL books yet please do not hesitate to ask your class teacher.

Remember one piece of learning log work is expected a week but the more you do the more likely you are to get certificates and star badges at the end of terms!



Wonderful water colours

Today, Year 3 have been creating their very own masterpieces in the style of Monet. We have used water colours to create different shades of green, blue and yellow. The children used their paintbrushes to create different effects on the paper including dashes, dots and lines.

We shall upload a photo of the finished masterpieces next week.

Column addition and subtraction

Last term we spent lots of our numeracy sessions learning how to add and subtract using the column method. The children did amazingly well using the Base 10 equipment to show how to answer addition and subtraction questions. It was great watching the children help one another and learn from each others mistakes.