Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age!

We have been doing some brilliant learning all about the Stone Age boy Ug. Ug is frustrated because the rest of his family are happy using stones for everything, even their bed and their trousers! Ug thinks a lot and thinks about ways that could make their lives easier but not everybody is keen to entertain his ideas! 

During our learning about Ug we have thought a lot about the powerful verbs and adverbs we could use to describe what the characters are doing and also the punctuation we use when writing speech.

Have a look at the page below and thing about what is happening and what the characters might be saying. Comment your ideas thinking about everything we have learnt.

Stone Age Day

Last week, the children from year 3 all met up again to have an exciting day learning all about the Stone Age.  They leant all about Stone Age dwellings and had a go at making their own dens and a home for Ug. They experienced food from the Stone Age, including stewed fruit and nettle tea.  They also had a go at making Stone Age tools from natural equipment such as slate and sticks.  The children then learnt about cave paintings and made their own, which look absolutely great! 

We will be learning lots more about the Stone Age and the character Ug this term, so watch this space for lots more exciting news! 

The Real Jurassic Park

Last week year 3 went on our school trip to Irchester Country Park.  Whilst we were there each class completed three activities.  We went on a ranger trail with a ranger from the park who told us all about how iron comes from stone and why the stones in the park are different colours. We went in the ranger hut and looked at different types of rocks and looked closely at some real fossils. The ranger was very impressed with everything we already knew about rocks and how they are made. We also went on an exploratory walk of the park, imagining that we were real paeleontologists on the look out for fossils.  We ended our walk by finding some dinosaur eggs and a dinosaur skeleton! We also had lots of fun in the play area! 

Beautiful artwork

Some children in year 3 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with an art consultant last week to produce some dinosaur themed art using powder paint.  We learnt how to set up our equipment properly and how to look after our brushes.  We thought carefully about the part of the dinosaur that we wanted to draw and tried to make it fill our whole page.  We learnt how to create a back ground before we added colour to our dinosaurs.

we think they did a great job, what do you think?


Creative children.

We are really pleased with how creative the children have been with their learning logs. We have seen models, giant cookies and top trumps cards. What will they come up with next?

img_0018 img_1352 img_1353 img_3051 img_3056 img_3057 img_3060 img_3065 img_3066 img_3068 img_3074

Descriptions, descriptions, descriptions!

Year 3 have been working hard to improve their sentences by using adjectives. Here are some examples of our sentences. Can you spot the adjectives?

The small, prancing dinosaur is peering across the water.
Weirdly, the long dinosaur has a tail like a tiger.
Suddenly, the ferocious dinosaurs heard a volcano exploding!
Two tiny, lime green dinosaurs were creeping through the lake trying not to make a sound. 
The gigantic, scaly dinosaur roared angrily.
Near to the coconut tree, there was a long necked brontosaurus standing looking at the juicy, green leaves. 


Our topic this term is dinosaurs. How many different dinosaurs can you name? What was the largest dinosaur who roamed the earth?

A super start to Year 3!

We have had an amazing start to Year 3. The children have been really busy completing art work based on the seaside and performing their own poetry to the class. We have even had chance to compete in our very own Paralympics.

The children have settled into the routines of Year 3 quickly and they have really shown us they are ready for any challenges we set them. We can not wait to see the work they produce during our dinosaur topic.

img_1156 img_1153 img_3023 img_3003 img_3026 img_3018 img_2997 img_1221 img_1223